Culturally Inappropriate Butt Cracks

Living in Thailand; away from the tourist hubs such as Ko Phi Phi, Krabi or Bangkok, where locals have gotten used to the farang, or white people, exposing every part of their bodies, up here in Chiang Rai, I need to be respectable, bearing in mind I am living and working as part of a community.

So when around colleagues and such, I try to wear a skirt that covers my knees at all times, and have my chest, shoulders and back covered as to not offend anyone.

I would like to think I am quite successful at this; hoping that they respect me more for not living up to the White girl stereotype and exposing my body.

Today one of the teachers had a birthday; and so kindly I was invited along with all the government teachers of the Kindergarten department to attend an all paid for lunch down by the river.

Thais love their food, and the dishes kept coming; catfish cooked with lemon grass, vegetable soup with tofu, papaya salad, tom yum soup and even frogs. We sat there and ate and ate until we are all stuffed.


Some a little more than others, as I did not realise the zip on my skirt had come undone, as I sat there, surrounded by 13 elders from my department, not to mention other locals dining in the restaurant. This may sound not too much of an issue. However unfortunately; the zip was on my behind and the chairs in said restaurant look like this:


And I chose to wear a thong today.

So as I write this I sit in the back of the head of kindergarten’s 4×4 feeling extremely awkward as she drives back to my house so that I can change my skirt.


The best bit is she does not speak English, so I had to moon her whilst speaking the words “my bottom is exposed” so that the Filipino teachers could translate so that she understood.

The moral of the story kids; even if someone else is paying for dinner, stop when you’ve had enough, to lessen the risk of exposing those cheeky cheeks.


2 thoughts on “Culturally Inappropriate Butt Cracks

  1. tomg1992

    Haha! That sorry is hilarious. As a fellow thong-wearer (yes, some of us guys wear them too – they’re too pretty to be left just for girls!) who wants to teach English in Asia is it advisable that I never left them slip out? The so-called “whale tail” wouldn’t be a hit…



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